4 Weeks Ago

Within hours of the news about the fire at the Notre Dame cathedral Bitcoin owners, were being asked to send funds to help in the restoration of the Parisian landmark.

The appeal was initiated by a French journalist, and Gregory Raymond, on Twitter, he hoped such charitable actions by owners of Bitcoin could illustrate to the lawmakers that Digital Assets can be used for good, and not just the small percentage of criminal uses often cited by regulators and naysayersIt is not just Crypto donations that are being accepted.

The CEO of Kering, which owns Gucci and Queen Alexander,
have given $100 million, and the owner of LVMH has pledged $200 million. Mere mortals can send fiat too as The Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris has a donation page, or one can use GoFundMe or JustGiving.

There has been some backlash to the amount of money raised for Notre Dame which within a few days is over $750 Million as some claimed there are worthier causes….


3 Months Ago

Blockchain technology could be used to offer greater transparency for large public works rail, bridge and road projects.

Having one trusted ledger so the contractors are paid on time for works completed and allowing project funds to have access to records in real time could help improve efficiency.

“There’s plenty of evidence that infrastructure costs are significantly higher in America than other places and that these higher costs are due to outdated government regulations, the bidding process, and poor oversight”.