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Walmart has announced that it will be using blockchain technology to track shrimps from India to its stores in the USA following its leafy greens tracking programme, introduced earlier in 2018.

 “We’re committed to doing business in India in a way that helps drive economic opportunity in local communities across the country,” said Paul Dyck, vice president of corporate affairs for Walmart Inc., adding, “Through this pilot we are working with our partners and leveraging our global strengths to provide access to blockchain’s innovative technology, which will benefit local farmers and producers, help to transform the food system.”
Blockchain technology enables the digitising of supply chains to improve the traceability, monitoring of produce from farm to fork, and minimising the various records and documentation required - so making the movement of goods...

“I deeply believe that money must remain in the hands of states. I am not comfortable with the idea that a private group creates a competing currency. A private company does not have to seek to gain power in this way.” Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

It would appear from this that Apple is unlikely to be issuing its Digital Currency anytime soon. Is this a political statement to curry favour with Washington and other governments, as Apple's tax affairs are challenged and the EU asks for $14 billion of tax?


On Monday

How where and why Blockchain is being adopted by various industries
Both Blockchain technology (and the Digital Assets created by it), not only have the potential to, but actually are transforming governments, industries, and even people’s behaviour globally. While Blockchain technology has been around since the 1970s it was not until 2008, following the financial turbulence that resulted in the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the creating of Bitcoin, that the technology was broadly unknown of (apart from in academic circles). Bitcoin harnessed Blockchain technology, allowing people to do what British Petroleum refer to as being able to carry out “Trusted...

Commodity-backed Digital Assets announced from one of the world’s major commodity producers.

Nornickel, based in Russia, is one of the world’s biggest commodity producers which smelts nickel and palladium, and employs over 93,000 people. Nornickel’s largest shareholders include the Russian oligarchs,Vladimir Potanin and Roman Abramovich. Nornickel, which is quoted on the Moscow and the London Stock Exchanges and has market capitalisation of over £32 billion, has just announced that it is launching a Digital Asset, backed by palladium.
Nornickel and the German manufacturer, BSAF, have unveiled plans to build one of the world’s biggest factories making electric car batteries (to meet the...