6 Months Ago

KodakOne uses AI to trawl the web, looking for copyrighted images.

If the AI stumbles upon a KodakOne client’s image, one for which no licensing payment has been made, they instantly contact the owner of the site that hosts the image. The owner can either pay for the license (using KodakCoin, by buying cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, or fiat) or have the image removed. Still, in beta mode, KodakOne is set to launch this service to professional and amateur photographers later this year.

Corporate Finance

7 Months Ago

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has just published its “Advice” on “Initial Coin Offerings and Crypto-Assets.”

In the past, ESMA has issued several warnings regarding crypto-assets and virtual currencies. The Advice outlines ESMA’s position on the issues that exist in the rules within ESMA’s remit when “crypto-assets qualify as financial instruments and the risks that are left unaddressed when crypto-assets do not qualify as financial instruments.” While not mentioning any country by name, France is the largest EU member that is in the process of creating rules that apply to initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Corporate Finance
The issuing of the world’s first Islamic bond using blockchain.

Al Hilal Bank used blockchain technology to transact a secondary market deal of a $500m bond. Given the thriving economies of many Islamic countries, we are likely to see many more banks using the transparency and efficiency that can be achieved by issuing bonds on a blockchain. One of the key components of a Sukuk bond is that of transparency in that all the costs and charges are open and clearly stated and this lends itself to a technology like blockchain where there is one ledger that holds all the relevant for the buyer and seller to see in a very open transparent manner.

Corporate Finance