9 Months Ago

As more organisations turn to their lawyers for help and advice, lawyers themselves are struggling to recruit sufficient staff to fill their vacancies.

Many of the global law firms have been adding staff as demand has risen for data privacy and security legal expertise. Mary K. Young, a partner at Zeughauser Group, the law firm consultancy: “don’t focus on the crypto, focus on the blockchain. It will be a game changer.”

In Canada a new law firm is focusing just on CRYPTO believing that companies need help with this new asset class, a focus on the international challenges, without dwelling on national issues.

Lawyers advising on Blockchain technology will be need multi-disciplinary skills, especially those advising organisations in the financial sector. These lawyers will need financial services, data privacy, regulation, and technical knowledge to be able to effectively advise clients.

Given the recent price rises in many Digital Assets (partially fuelled by the rise of BitCoin and Ethereum), a number of firms that issued Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are now worth considerably more than they were a few months ago.

As we start to see regulators offering clearer guidance, as the SEC has recently, will plaintiffs engage law firms to start action against those organisations who would appear to have broken the law, when they originally carried out their ICO?


A Year Ago

We have been asked on a number of occasions what are the repercussions if you do not comply with the regulator…

Well following a FBI investigation Homero Garza is now doing time for his involvement in an alleged scam where over $9million of other people’s money was lost. The other question often asked is ‘following the 2008 financial crash no one went to prison” but this is not true according The Financial Times 47 people have been sentenced to date. The lesson is the regulators have teeth and WILL use them and as we increasingly see more and more Security tokens being issued organisations need to ensure they are complying with the relevant regulations wherever selling a token…

Security Token