In January 2018, KodakOne announced that it was going to launch the Kodak coin and, as a result, Kodak Inc share price went up 120%.

The basic idea behind KodakCoin is to use Blockchain technology to help photographers manage their photos by creating permanent, immutable records of ownership. It was believed that KodakOne would make it significantly cheaper and faster to register and sell digital images. The Platform was said to offer a simple, transparent Blockchain-powered worldwide royalty accounting, licensing, and payment system. The KodakCoin was never a part of Kodak Inc but was a separate company that licensed its name from Kodak Inc. While KodakCoin’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) never proceeded, a year on, KodakCoin has generated over $1million in revenue in its beta-test trials.

Kodak Inc is back in the press and this time it is Kodak, the company that
invented the digital camera, and then decided not to commercialise it. This time it is looking to create a Blockchain-powered platform to store and manage documents, all held in the cloud. Kodak claims that its new platform could generate as much as 40% in terms of cost savings, using Blockchain technology.

So second time around, no ICO, no huge increase in Kodak’s share price, but just another example of a global brand using a Blockchain to offer its customers a service to help make business processes hopefully more efficient and cheaper.