The 19th of May 2019 could prove to be an inflection point for the mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies/Digital Assets.

A firm called Zulu Republic (Zulu) based in Zug, Switzerland, announced that it was now possible for WhatsApp’s 1.5 Billion users to now transfer Digital Assets, using their Lite.IM wallet. Not only is it now possible to carry out Digital Asset transactions over WhatsApp, but Zulu will also pay users in Digital Assets if they make referrals to other users.

Zulu was set up in 2017, and initially considered launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), but managed to attract sufficient private funds. Zulu was also concerned about the regulatory uncertainty around ICOs decided not to carry out an ICO. In order to promote itself to a wider audience, Zulu carried out an “AirDrop” and gave away tokens to people who subscribed to one of their wallets and, according to etherscan , over 4,800 subscribers now have Zulu Tokens. However, Zulu’s systems and scalability are now really going to be tested, as it is possible to use them to over WhatsApp, and having tried to look around Zulu’s website, it keeps crashing - the omens do not look good!

One wonders if Facebook has decided to use Zulu and its Lite.IM wallet as a trial, while it finalises the launch of its own cryptocurrency (which is meant to be launching later this year also on WhatsApp)? Once people are able to easily use Digital Assets to pay for goods and services on a social media platform like WhatsApp, let alone Facebook, with over 2.3 billion users of which 1.56 billion log on every day, will we see many other global brands more fully embrace this New Asset class, so that point of inflection will have occurred?