Samsung, the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer’s new Galaxy S10  has built-in security with secure storage which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.

It also looks like it will allow the use of digital signatures and payments to merchants/shops as well as storing your Crypto currencies. The S10 comes with an upgraded camera system that features “advanced intelligence,” not sure what this means, but rather cool Samsung claim the S10 has the ability to charge other phones wirelessly!

Unfortunately, at $1,995 it is no bargain, but it will enable those on the move to carry out Crypto transactions potentially in a secure manner. The S10 follows on the heels of
HTC EXODUS Blockchain enabled phone, and the Finney Crypto phone that has a cool pop up cold wallet feature from SIRIN Labs. Samsung have been champions of the mass production of high tech consumer electronics, so how long will it be before they start selling more Crypto friendly ways to make dealing in Digital Assets more user friendly?