However, it is not all good news for cryptos as Burger King is actually no longer going to accept Cryptos as a form of payment.

An example of this is in Germany where a branch of Burger King (which had been trialling the acceptance of BTC to pay for food and drink) has now decided to stop allowing customers to use BTC. Matters have become even tastier in Russia where it was reported that Burger King there had issued a Whoppercoin. However, as Coin Telegraph reported, “The Moscow prosecutor’s office repeatedly summoned representatives of Burger King Russia to explain the operation of WhopperCoins and confirm that the company hadn’t issued its tokens for general use, reminding them about the illegal nature of cryptocurrency operations in Russia”.

So, after ten years, there are signs that Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are becoming more acceptable and easier to trade, but there is still a long way to go. Almost every week we are seeing multinational organisations discussing or filing patents regarding launching Digital Currencies.