KPMG has been active in the Blockchain sector for a while, recently publishing a report on the three big areas for institutions to explore blockchain and now have unveiled a tie-up with software security firm Guardtime.

The Blockchain platform that Guardtime have developed is currently being used by the Dutch government, the mobile telecom firm Virizon, China Food Cloud and other organisations around the world. The alliance will enable KPMG and Guardtime to help companies address some of the complex challenges in supply chain, data rights management, compliance procurement, finance, identity management, cloud audit, and security.

"Our alliance with Guardtime gives clients access to a secure digital platform," said Arun Ghosh, KPMG's National Blockchain leader. "KPMG's deep business and technical experience along with Guardtime's blockchain platform drives business transformation in areas that are encumbered with manual processes and where data accuracy, trust, and security are paramount."

So, KPMG is looking to offer in strategic advice on how Blockchain technology can be used to solve day to day challenges in a highly commercial manner so generating revenue for implementing Blockchain in what could be seen as a “plug and play solution”.