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The characteristics of the ideal stablecoin

Written by Iain Monk, Digital Asset Strategy Lead at Clear.Bank

Stablecoins have made great strides since the first stablecoins (BitUSD and Bubits) which were created back in 2014 and, as the name suggests, designed to be “stable” (i.e. not volatile) - unlike other crypto currencies. They were created to have a return similar to the US$ and were backed by a basket of cryptos.

Tether (USDT) is the largest stablecoin out of over 200 that now exist and is considered the world’s first true stablecoin that is predominately, but not exclusively, backed by US$ deposits. Stablecoins...


Hong Kong is central to China’s capital markets ecosystem, but is a digital currency?

Written by John Orchard, Chief Executive Officer of OMFIF

Western visitors returning to China for face-to-face meetings will find a country as keen to attract outside investment as it is to develop a self-sufficient financial and technological ecosystem. Hong Kong’s role in this complex process seems more important than before; it has noticed a marked outflowing of wealth management operations to Singapore and is now putting together a well-funded campaign to try to reverse the trend. To hear this from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, InvestHK and others based in the special...


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