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Tulip Trading and its potentially atrophying effect on Crypto networks

Written by James Ramsden KC, Kings Counsel at Astraea Group

 The Court of Appeal judgment on Friday 3rd February in the claim by Tulip Trading against sixteen developers alleged to “control” the Bitcoin network is a huge development for the sector. Legally the ruling is a very qualified one; it is merely to the effect that the claim by Tulip that the Developers owe fiduciary duties and duties of care amounts to “a serious issue to be tried” and should therefore go to a trial. But that understates its practical importance.


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The new model (digital asset) economy with inflation-resistant money… coming to a city near you!
Written by Antony Abell, CEO and Co-Founder of the TrustMe™/TPX™ Property Exchanges Global Group of Companies based in London.

As may be heard in the corridors on the global wealth offices, ‘cash is increasingly becoming trash’. Inflation is eating our money and therefore the value of our stored labour… at the grocery store, at the petrol (gas) pump, at the bank, and while you and your family are sleeping. It has always been there like a shadow that stalks us but whilst in the low single figures...


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