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China’s Digital Currency a new tool to control its economy people and possibly challenge the US$

2 Min Video - https://youtu.be/nYs_KOQGhSc
According to CGTN.com, the official website for China Global Television Network, so presumably represents the voice of the Chinese government announced the much-heralded Chinese Digital Currency.

The Chinese have been working on a digital currency for over 6 years as use of cash 40% of transactions

A Digital currency part of China’s plans to accelerate its digital economy, making payments more convenient, secure and cracking down on money laundry, corruption and underground economies, in 1950’s from 34% to 12% i.e.  $1 TRILLION- $1.5 Trillion!

Digital currency initially...


Bankruptcies and firms going into Chapter 11 set to escalate, how can Blockchain technology help

2 min. video - https://youtu.be/RHkmBojovXs

Chapter 11 in the USA has been used by firms such as General Motors, K-Mart, and United Airlines, where the bankruptcy court is appointed to oversee the restructuring of a firm’s debts

LATAM, Latin American’s largest airline, Advantage Rent A Car and recently Hertz rental car  filed for Chapter 11. Hertz have laid off 10,000 staff. Carl Icahn is now nursing heavy losses as the owner of 39% of the company which at the end of 2019 was valued at $750m. Yet days before Hertz...


Potential impact on environment, need for offices and use of Blockchain technology as we work from home.

2 m ion video https://youtu.be/MxQWZrJzCnI

Barclays (Barclays has about 7,000 employees in its New York office near Times Square.) , JPMorgan Chase (with 180,000 employees  been working from home) and Morgan Stanley are part of a banking industry that has long been a pillar of the city’s economy, with more than 20,000 staff. Collectively, they lease more than 10 million square feet in New York

James Gorman, the Morgan Stanley chief executive told Bloomberg that the company had “proven we can operate with no footprint. “

Even Warren Buffet...


Pizza for $45 million, and someone bought TWO!

22nd of May is a significant day as in 2010 a man called Laszlo Hanyecz who was living in Florida in the USA was the first person it is believed to have used a crypto currency Bitcoin – to make a transaction

The 1st transaction using a crypto was to actually buy a couple of pizzas for 10,000 BTC which then were valued at $41. The same 10,000 BTC values each pizza at $45m each

Hanyecz went on to spend a total of 100,000 BTC in the summer of 2010 to buy more pizza for...


A Fight to see who will lead the charge to launch Digital Euros

2min video looking at what is happening about launching a DigitalEuro - https://youtu.be/cZzSJtc_nPQ

The Banque De France with Société Generali (SG) have started tests on using a Digital Euro recently with SG depositing €40million of bonds and the Banque De France settled and paid for them using a Digital Euro. The objective is find find away to improve the efficiency of transactions and payments between institutions. The current systems are thought to be able to be changed to be more automated more secure and faster.

The French bank asked institutions who...


Are the US Dollar’s days numbered, what type of  Currency will replace it?


History is a valuable teacher.

The Silk road was created to help Chinese Westward expansion in Han Dynasty, 206BC, a 4,000-mile route through central Asian from China to Europe facilitating trade.

China is about to launch its own Central Bank Digital Currency will it gain international adoption by forcing users of its New Silk Road “The  Belt and Road initiative “to use the roads, airports harbours and bridges the Chinese have built it as people and cargo pass through 60 countries?

Global Reserve currencies tend to last for 95 years...


Like a phoenix is Libra rising from the ashes?

2 min video looking atthe potentyial rise of Facebook's Libra https://youtu.be/6MnXjZTp8XM

Libra, the project initially backed by Facebook certainly had a baptism of fire when was first launched in June 2019. The founding 28 members reportedly invested $10 million each although some of them such as Paypal Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, Mercado Pago, Booking.com and eBay left Libra last October 2019.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg  grilled in a Congressional hearing in October 2019 as  governments began to worry that with 2.6 billion active monthly users this ‘new-fangled’ Libra currency could even threaten the ‘mighty green back’  -...


Will we see a decline in globalisation triggered by covid-19?

2 min video - https://youtu.be/6MnXjZTp8XM looking at the poitential decline of globalisation and how Blockchain is being used to help in todays modern complex supply chains
The COVID-19 pandemic has generated enormous uncertainty around the world company boards are reassessing he risk of being exposed to the current complex supply chains and individual countries such as  97% of antibiotics used in Europe and the USA sourced from China as highlighted by the Council for Foreign Relations

The complex nature of global supply chains has encouraged companies to turn to technology like Blockchain- powered...


Why should Bitcoin owners care about Bitcoin halving, what actually is it?

2 min video to expalin Bitcoin halving - https://youtu.be/yI4SZHSFTRE

One cannot escape to have noticed that this week something called Bitcoin halving has happened. We have had a number of readers asking what does this mean?

The theory is that by reducing the number of tokens being created it will counter the impact of inflationary pressures. Thus every 210,000 ‘blocks’, or roughly every four years, the number of Bitcoins (BTC) that are paid to a miner for a Block on the Bitcoin network is halved. So now the block reward is reduced...


Are institutions and people from the financial sector shifting their attitude towards Digital Assets?

In the last few months we have seen a number of senior people from the financial services sector moving across to organisations that are active in the digital assets sector. Possibly the most significant is the ex head of HSBC legal Stuart Levey who is now going to to head up Libra as its CEO ( the organisations that facebook helped to establish). Given Levey was Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence for the U.S. Treasury for 7 years he will be well aware of what...


Plastic is killing our oceans how can Blockchain technology help?

2 min video looking at how Blockchain is helping us to recycle plastic and track and trace waste — https://youtu.be/T00U7UQ-JN0

Plastic is killing our oceans and marine life however there are a number of ways that Blockchain technology is helping Did you know 100m marine animals die p.a. or that there are 12,000 to 14,000 tonnes of plastic ingested by fish just in the N Pacific Ocean p.a. There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic waste. BSAF have launched reciChain, in Canada as a Deloitte report in 2016 found Canadians only recycled 11% of...


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Airlines nosedive as Covid-19 takes its toll - who are the winners and losers?

AS the price of airlines stock collapse it is not just shareholders who are suffering . As ever there are winners as well as losers. It looks like it will be a while before we see as many people flying including business travel so there is going to be a greater need for people to store and share data in a highly secure manner so could this be another reason we see more people embracing Blockchain technology?

Warren Buffett announces he has sold all...


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