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Distributed networks and the growth of the stakeholder economy

Written by Brian O’Beirne  research director Kasei PLC

A “virtuous cycle of decentralisation” is a positive feedback loop between the value of a protocol and its decentralisation, whereby the increasing value of a protocol promotes its decentralisation which, in turn, increases its value. This cycle is embodied in the design of a blockchain protocol and is the primary causal dynamic through which the protocol grows and ultimately gains mainstream adoption. But to fully understand this cycle, we must first understand what is meant by;


 1) the “value” of a blockchain protocol

 2) its “decentralisation”




Will we skip open finance and go straight to DeFi?

By Timo Lehes, co-founder of Swarm Markets


Thanks to the payment services directive (PSD2), open banking has already been mandated across Europe and the UK. The next phase of open banking is open finance, which is manifesting in industry-led initiatives and EU data policy. However, decentralised finance (DeFi) offers the openness and transparency that open finance intends to promote, meaning we could skip open finance all together and jump straight to DeFi. DeFi puts value back into the hands of those who create it. The self-custodian nature of DeFi means platforms and...


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