4 Weeks Ago

As on-line sales surge, will we see Amazon, Walmart or Shopify launch their own digital currencies?

2 min video looking at three hugely successful on-line retailers and their potential to create their own digital payment coin?

We have all heard of Amazon which has risen in value to $1.65 trillion started as a book seller still dominates America on-line sales with a market share of 38%, yet its cloud services AWS accounts for 77% of Amazon’s profits generates.

Shopify Canada’s biggest quoted company $125 billion set up originally selling snow boards.

Walmart the worlds big daddy for bricks and mortar retailers capitalised at $372...


A Month Ago

Universal Basic Income has received more attention as a result of Covid-19

2 min video about is now the time to reconsider governments offering Universal Basic Income for its citizens?

The concept of every citizen in a country receiving a basic income and so try to reduce the gap between the rich and poor was first proposed by Sir Thomas More’s Utopia in 1516

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation believes it does little to solve poverty.

The biggest experiment to test Universal basic Income was in Finland over two years involving 173,000 people and discovered not only did it help financially but improved their mental state...


What happens when the cost of moving money is free?

A 2 min video looking at the rise of micropayments industry, digital currencies and even a GoldmanSachs coin!

 This was a question posed by the Co -founder and CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong earlier this year on Twitter

Even when it was relatively cheap to send text messages people still sent very few compared to WhatsApp which for some has become the way to communicate as its FREE and global with no consideration of where WhatsApp massages are sent from or to

Are we to see a revolution in payments as they become free or...


Google- Mideflie crisis?

2min. video considering Google’s next steps 

As Economist.com recently suggested maybe the 21year old Google needs to “Listen to the advice given people going through a Midlife crisis, Slim down, focus on what you are good at” As Google could be worth $100 billion less than the sum of its parts

You tube could be worth more than Netflix (currently valued at $212billion). If nothing else selling it off would increase online competition. In any event having paid only $1.6 billion for YouTube in 2006 if sold it could realise a huge return for Google’s shareholders.

What do Google do if...


Is the Chinese government tightening its grip on Digital Payments

2 min video exploring how the Chinese government new digital currency is questioning WeChatPay and AliPay in order its own Digital Currency can be more widely used 

The Chinese government announced its new and long-awaited Digital currency in April 2020 and in recently made its intentions clear that this was to be a currency for its citizens by forming a tie up with Didi, which had been hailed the world’s most valuable start-up at $56billion back in 2018, it is the firm that crushed Uber in China. Didi has 550 users and...


How Blockchain technology can help organisations’ ESG credentials


Environmental Social Corporate Governance (ESG) is becoming an ever-increasing topic for organisations as we see legislation regarding it being introduced, as well as asset managers demanding that the companies in which they invest have ESG as a requirement within the core of their business. Indeed, we are increasingly seeing companies announcing initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint as part of their broader ESG commitments, setting aside capital. For example, Unilever has announced that it has set up a €1billion fund to help meet its climate change pledges. The fund is proposing to look...


Does it matter that the cost of using Ethereum continues to rise?

2 min video about the rising cost of Gas on the Ethereum Blockchain — https://youtu.be/MIMCpguL8Iw

The cost of using the Ethereum Blockchain i.e. the cost of Gas has been increasing and potentially according to Vitalik is undermining the security of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethereum has many ways has been a victim of its own success as many of the ICOs and STOs have been launched on the Ethereum Blockchain and as these organisations start to gather adoption, they are creating demand to use the Ethereum Blockchain and therefore the gas price.

There surely has to be...


Can anonymous data and/or credit card spending help prevent the worst from the next pandemic?

The cost of zoonotic epidemics is inordinate, with the International Monetary Fund predicting that COVID-19 alone will cause the global economy to contract by 3% in 2020, wiping out $9 trillion in productivity through 2021. Yet, even in the two decades before the present pandemic, the World Bank estimated direct costs from zoonotic diseases to be more than $100 billion.

COVID-19 is the first global pandemic arriving in an era when nearly the entire population can be tracked in real time, thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones...


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