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Metaverse and self-sovereign identity (SSI): new superpower?

By Alex Tweeddale at cheqd, a technology company enabling individuals and organisations to take full control of their data

The metaverse is a new buzzword that has been ‘doing the rounds’, but what does it actually mean and how is it going to change everyday life? Besides an exciting front side of virtual reality (VR) element that everybody could at least vaguely relate to, there are a lot of other interesting developments, particularly around the digital economy and trusted interactions enabled through digital and self-sovereign identity (SSI). In this blog, we explore the symbiosis...


NFT in sports: manna from Heaven?

Written by Nicholas Fitzpatrick, partner at DLA Piper 

As the sports world sought to recover from the financial consequences of COVID-19 two themes emerged. First, the paramount need to secure sources of revenue. Second, an urge to accelerate the adoption of technologies which offer new ways of engaging with fans in a way at least partially insulated from the vagaries of global pandemics. And so the news early in the year that the NBA (as it so often is) was a successful earlier adopter of NFT collectibles, and is (in partnership with Dapper Labs) generating significant numbers from...


How DeFi will enable participants to reimagine financial markets? 

Written by Timo Lehes, co-founder Swarm Markets, a regulated DeFi exchange

Financial infrastructure touches every part of our lives, from paying for a coffee to buying a house, whereby playing a critical role in economic development and stability. In recent years, FinTechs have emerged to improve the user experience of institutions and offer additional services through an API. They have sought to democratise access to global markets by making them more transparent and give some level of control to the user. We’ve seen this happen in other industries where new technology improves user...


SSI: self-sovereign identity explained

Written by Ross Power at cheqd, which helps companies leverage SSI to enable new business models for verifiers, holders and issuers.


Self-sovereign identity (SSI) has seen a rapid adoption within finance, interestingly both centralised (CeFi) and decentralised (DeFi). In the context of DeFi, it is often referred to as its enabler. Beyond finance, its application has been growing too - spanning travel, e-commerce, supply chains, crypto, and other sectors. What remains a stumbling block for many is understanding what SSI is and what is so magical about it that it can fill in so many cracks across industries?...


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