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 New European prospectus legislation and the 5thMoney laundering directive will help STOs
The European Union last year agreed on new prospectus regulationsthat will come in to force on 21/07/19, which will give clarity as to how much capital a company is able to raise when doing a securities offering in each member state. It will be possible to raise up to Euros 8 million within any 12-month period from the general public, without the need for a prospectus.
The summary below shows the different amounts that each country will allow to be raised before a prospectus is required:

This new regulation will...


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How long with the US$ be the global currency?This article is only 5 months old, already Saudi Arabia and Facebook are talking about having their own Digital Currency. #business #facebook #blockchain #digitalassets #cryptocurrency #tokenization

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Pepsi have been working with Mindshare to see how the process of digital advertising can be more efficient and cost effective. The challenge for buyers of digital adverts is only a small proportion of the money spent by advertisers reaches publishers. As there are numerous intermediaries taking a cut of the spending. Also, a considerable amount of the amount spent on digital adverts is fraudulent or inaccurate, as it includes activity from "bots". Pepsi in March this year ran a trail in Asia and saw that there was a 28% improvement ‘in terms of costs for viewable impressions, in running the...


How Blockchains can help identify fraudulent CVs

With over 30% of CVs potentially containing fraudulentinformation, any way for HR departments to be able to check a candidate’s qualification has to be welcome.
The cost to get copies of your old “O-level”, “A-Level”, or University degree certificate can be as much as £40 per qualification. The hassle factor dealing with and time it takes can be considerable for many existing analogue data bases. However, if the qualifications are held digitally, tamper-proof and securely on a Blockchain, employees and employers alike can efficiently have access to copies of the qualification documentation.
A research group in...


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