First Security Token in Germany which is a Bond- Momentum for the issuing of Security Tokens is gathering pace with a Blockchain powered company called Bitbond, announcing it has regulatory approval from BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) to launch a bond to raise up to Euros 100million using the Stellar Blockchain.In contrast to ICOs, the securities prospectus for token-based bonds gives investors transparency and comprehensively documents their rights and the terms of the offer. The bond is subject to BaFin’s regulatory control. Bitbond has been approved as an asset broker under the German Banking Act for its blockchain-based lending business...


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BLOCKCHAIN: JP Morgan mints crypto JPM-coin, exposed to $10 trillion opportunity

You know by now that JP Morgan launched a crypto asset called JPM coin. You've probably seen the self-satisfied memes showing Jamie Dimon publicly hating on Bitcoin, contrasted with his own massive bank launching its proprietary, closed cryptocurrency (leveraging open source software created by others) within a year -- and claiming it is a meaningful invention. Perhaps you've read that this is a first-of-its-kind symptom demonstrating that banks are finally coming into crypto. Cool, huh! Yet all of these reactions are mostly irrelevant to thinking about what's happened.  

First things first. JPM has...


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There are now an incredible 178 Crypto exchanges globally I suspect we will start seeing a  consolidation of exchanges. Asia now dominating crypto volumes in terms of the trades being carried out  and Bitcoin volumes continue to rise despite collapse in the price.

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Russia sees no need to legally define Cryptos-  Minister of Justice of Russia, Alexander Konovalov, has affirmed that he does not see the need to legally define cryptocurrencies just yet. According to him, cryptocurrency might be considered another type of asset in terms of Russian legislation, again urged legislators to avoid defining it at the current stage. The lack of clarity does not help the wider use of Digital Assets but Russia’s stance is understandable as if they start imposing too many restrictions and regulations this nascent industry will simply more out of Russia to more Crypto friendly jurisdictions. An alternative view is that Russia...


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IBM’s Blockchain, AI and cloud skills wins contracts with $700m Santander, Hyundai and ICBC in Argentina– Dramatic examples of the cash that is being invested into digitising the finance sector. Santander is going to spend $700m with IBM to help it build "the most advanced IT architecture of the financial sector". IBM sometimes called Big Blue, has been active in the financial recently winning a $540m outsourcing deal with Nordea Bank "bringing new efficiencies in their digital transformation" and last year it revealed it had secured a massive 10year outsourcing agreement with Lloyds bank, resulting in 1,500 staff and contractors being transferred...


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