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Blockchain and Digital Assets in the USA

There is no doubt to the growing importance and interest in Blockchain technology in the US. It is therefore of no surprise that, in early March 2020, there will be a hearing in the American House of Representatives, regarding the role Blockchain technology can play for small businesses. Titled, “The Building Blocks of Change: The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses", the hearing will explore the ways in which some start-ups are utilising Blockchain technology to boost productivity and increase security.

Also, in the US, a new FinTech firm called Figure has turned to...


European Central Bank owns 10% of all European corporate debt


The European Central Bank owns 10% of all European corporate debt and, like Icarus's son who flew too high and therefore too close to the sun, it crashed. Are bond markets also heading for a fall....? Continual quantative easing being pumped in the markets has forced interest rates down and bonds up, up, up, causing companies to now earn minus interest rates i.e. pay to leave money in the bank https://fortune.com/2020/01/24/negative-interest-rates-europe-lagarde/. So, investors are starting to look for alternative investments that are not correlated to equities and bonds, such as Digital...


Why have Bitcoin as part of a fully diversified portfolio?

2020 is already off to an eventful start. From Brexit to the US Presidential primaries, to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak across the globe, our news cycles are dominated by change, possibility, and some turmoil as well. Momentous times can lead investors to consider the state of their portfolio, and in these times of change, many are looking to Bitcoin (BTC) as an important part of their fully diversified portfolio. When one looks at the risk-adjusted returns of BTC compared to US Stocks and US Real Estate, using the Sharpe ratio, it...


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