4 Weeks Ago

Blockchain technology is changing the commodity market

The size of global trade of goods and services is estimated to be $19 trillion. Commodities account for approximately $4.4 trillion of this trade comprising of 40% energy (oil, gas), 30% base and industrial metals (gold, silver, steel) and 30% agricultural and soft commodities (i.e. items that are grown — coffee, corn, livestock). The size and complex nature of global trade means there are many challenges and inefficiencies that occur when moving commodities around the world. A lack of transparency and the reliance often on paper-based, analogue procedures that were developed years ago are increasingly being...


A Month Ago

Are companies really using Blockchain technology?

One of the most common questions we get asked when giving presentations is ‘Are companies really using Blockchain technology?’. To be honest, this was one of the reasons that Digital Bytes came to be in March 2018, as back then most of the engagement with Blockchain technology (apart from cryptocurrencies) was about exploring proof of works — thus how this technology could be used. However, as we have commented before, the driving force for greater adoption of Blockchain technology is no longer the ’cyberpunks and techy geeks’ but is now very much being driven by governments and...


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