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Blockchain technology is challenging the way real estate and equites are bought and sold

What have the Queen of England, the Catholic Church and Bill Gates all have in common? Landownership, and lots of it! Earlier this year, the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation became the largest owners of farm land in the US, owning over 240,000 acres of land (approximately 97,000 hectares). The Catholic Church owns over 71 million hectares, which is a land mass the size of France, but the largest owner of land that is not a government is Queen Elizabeth II. According to the publication Love Money: “By...


Rise of the Bitcoin Mortgage

Guest article for Digital Bytes by Henry Burrows, CEO Alaco Analytics, 

Here is a link to Henry being interviewed on the Digital Bytes show on Blockchain radio

With property purchases on the rise in the UK, expect to hear a lot more about Bitcoin mortgages in the coming months. Amid a boom in crypto prices, retail investors are capitalising on the surge to deploy their proceeds into real estate. A mature regulatory landscape, the expansion of crypto services, and a willingness by banks to accept Bitcoin are key factors in this new trend.

Over the past 12 months searches...


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Institutional interest in digital assets keeps growing

A 2 min video about the growing interest in digital assets from institutions

Goldman Sachs survey of its clients 40%+ are already exposed to crypto currencies in various ways, 61% intending to increase their exposure to cryptos in one way or another. As reported by Reuters, Citibank believes: “Bitcoin is at a tipping point and could become the preferred currency for international trade.” Citi notes how Bitcoin has paved the way for stablecoins ($55 billion asset class) and it can see the potential for the rise of stablecoins on permissioned Blockchains, similar to what Facebook...


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