On Tuesday

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) which is one of the largest regulated exchanges globally has issued a STO worth £3 million on the LSE’s Turquoise platform. This is the first STO, or as some are calling it, Equity Token-Offering (ETO) for The LSE which has been carried out within the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Fintech Sandbox for a company called 20/30.

Nivaura, helped with the 20/30 STO, recently raised over £20million from Linklaters, Allen and Overy and The LSE for themselves, were responsible for issuing a bond on the Ethereum network, claim that using Blockchain technology the costs of issuing a...


On Monday


The giant Dutch bank ING has being called upon the cryptographic skills of Stanford University in California, University College London and start-up Blockstream, to offer greater privacy when transferring Bitcoin by hiding the amount to other third parties. ING are calling this new method ‘Bulletproof”, and claim it is 300 times more efficient than some other methods of sending Digital currencies. Interestingly this new method may be extremely helpful as way to record data using Blockchain technology and still comply with GDPR regulations across Europe.

Keeping user information and data private has been a real challenge for exponents of Blockchain technology and...


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