The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented changes to our lives, economies, and globalisation. The enforced switch to virtual work, consumption and socialisation has generated a seismic shift towards virtual activity - anything that can be done virtually, that is. For those not on the front lines, lockdown has given some time for reflection and the chance to envision what a future world might be. The newly released whitepaper from FintechTV, “Covid and the New World Order. Actionable insights from global technology thought leaders” is a forward-leaning paper which provokes ideas, discussion and debate and serves as a call to action across a diverse readership.  

The whitepaper author and panel convenor, Dr Jane Thomason has stated,“We brought together global thought leaders to consider future challenges and built on it to produce a view of our world and its challenges, and the fresh new thinking and technologies that can enable us to build back better as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. None of us represent anyone, and yet we've become influencers in this space. We are simply people who just have a belief that we can do something that can actually change things in this world”. 

Discussions by the panel included the rapidly emerging transformations occurring during the pandemic, including Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), health care, the future of SMEs, the global monetary system and global governance. Undoubtedly, these are transformations which have been accelerated at breakneck speed during the pandemic. The whitepaper urges a rethinking of the economic system, to rethink what we value, and to rethink how we live. Blockchain networks give new ways to design and build incentive systems enabling the capacity to rapidly build and implement large-scale structures for incentivising human behaviour. Can incentive systems be created which align the interest of the individual with the overall beneficial outcomes for the planet? 

For a copy of the whitepaper pleaser click here.