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Get £10 of free BiPS!

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Become a PRO member at and also get your share of £10,000 of BiPS!
BiPS are the world-leading, asset-backed currency from award winning, FCA regulated, BBFTA members Each BiP is currently worth £10.24 - see for the latest.

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Thanks to Moneybrain we have tons of BiPS to give away during London Fintech Week

Here's how it works...


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Why are you doing this?

Firstly because not enough people know about BiPS, the world leading currency from member Moneybrain. So you can own some!

ALSO: Introducing the BBFTA's own Frontier Reward Points
We have been working on a token of our own: BBFTA FRP - Frontier Reward Points, to power our network into the future, by which you will soon be able to earn yet more BiPS for these activities:

With various bonuses along the way - watch out for these! With these points you will be able to win you share of £100,000 of BiPS, as they are allocated!.


Anything else I need to know?

We will email you with the details of how to claim your BiPS at Moneybrain in good time - but there will be a deadline for each tranche. Once claimed BiPS are locked and held in custody for you for a minimum of 12 months from receipt, after which they can be exchanged or traded on the Moneybrain site (or on forthcoming major exchanges). 


How do I get BiPS?

1. Join the network by going to and complete your profile, including your LinkedIn URL.

2. Upgrade by going to to get your share of £10,000 worth of BiPS as well.

3. Start earning your share of the next BiPS allocation by earning more Frontier Reward Points.