About Us

British Blockchain & Frontier Technologies Association

We are a new industry body who will provide a clear voice for the UK blockchain industry, it’s members, stakeholders and the public good.

Since it is now clear that blockchain and related technologies including AI, DLT and IoT, are a fundamental part of all our future it is essential that the UK takes a position of leadership globally and is able to speak with a clear voice informed and enabled by industry.

The British Blockchain & Frontier Technologies Association (BBFTA) has today been formed by industry leaders previously from the British Blockchain Association. It will be formally launched in the new year with a new governance structure designed to support the high levels of transparency on which the technology and industry is built and which are expected by members.

The BBFTA will provide the voice of the UK blockchain industry and advocacy for education, adoption and the public good.

“This is a very important step forward” said Barry E James, acting chair for the BBFTA, an association fully dedicated to the blockchain industry of the UK and open to the world, will allow us to fully focus resources and efforts on the development of the nascent industry, the needs of members and continue to support the work of government regulator and the taskforce, focussing on the needs of their members and stakeholders.

Current individual BBA members will be offered complimentary free membership to the BBFTA for one year. 

Founding members of the BBFTA include

  • Barry E James CEO of Token Intelligence
  • Sharon Henley Co-Founder of Blockchain Agent
  • Dr Jane Thomason CEO of Blockchain Quantum Impact
  • Helen Disney CEO of Unblocked
  • Laura Bailey Chair and Founder Qadre
  • Jonny Fry, CEO Team Blockchain

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